Determine Tenant Eligibility to Affordable Housing Properties

Who is eligible for the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program?

The local PHA who administers the rental assistance program determines the eligibility for a housing voucher under the Section 8 program. The eligibility of a tenant for this program is determined on the basis of the total annual gross income and family size, and it is restricted to US citizens and definite categories of non-citizens who possess eligible immigration status.

Household SizeAverage Income Level (Per Year)
1 $14,521
2 $19,669
3 $24,817
4 $29,965
5 $35,113
6 $40,261
7 $45,409
8 $50,557

For households with more than eight people, add $5,148 per additional person.

  • In order to qualify for this program, the household’s income may not surpass 50 percent of the median income for the county or metropolitan area where the family wishes to reside.
  • Determine Tenant Eligilibily to Affordable Housing PropertiesLegally, PHA must provide 75 percent of the vouchers to households whose incomes are below 30 percent of the median income for the area, as stipulated by HUD and it can differ by location.
  • If the PHA is convinced that a family is eligible for availing the rental assistance program, they are included to a waiting list. But the wait-time and size of the waiting list are determined by the local market conditions.
  • It is purely the PHAs discretion to select the applicants from the waiting list for the rental assistance program and they also reserve the right to close the list if they have more applicants than they can cater to at that period.
  • PHA calculates the housing assistance amount a family will receive based on the local market rental rate, but this rental rate does not limit the amount of rent that the landlord may charge or the family decides to pay.

Obligations of the Tenant when Accepted to Section 8 Program

After choosing a house that’s approved by PHA under the rental assistance program, the family signs a one year lease with the landlord. And they may also need to do the following,

  • Pay a security deposit for the apartment or home selected.
  • Sign a new lease agreement with the landlord after one year
  • Comply with the requirements of the rental assistance program and the lease
  • Pay the rent on time and keep the house in good condition
  • Notify the PHA of any changes in the family size or income