Housing Authorities in Louisiana

State of Housing in LouisianaLouisiana recently received $1,233,301 from HUD for the support of 10 local homeless housing and service programs in the state. The funding will ensure these local homeless assistance programs remain operating in the coming year. This is HUD’s second round of FY 2012 homeless renewal grant awards. The state will receive a new round of funding in the later part of 2013.

Shelter Plus Care (S+C)

The S+C program provides rental assistance for homeless people with disabilities, primarily those with serious mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and related diseases. Rental assistance grants must be matched in the aggregate by supportive services that are equal in value to the amount of rental assistance and appropriate to the needs of the population to be served. Recipients are chosen on a competitive basis nationwide.

Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing

Section 4 of the HUD Demonstration Act of 1993 authorizes HUD to provide assistance through competitive grants to five national nonprofit intermediary groups. These groups provide direct operational support, loans, grants, and predevelopment assistance to subgrantee CDCs and CHDOs or provide training and education to develop the capacity and ability of CDCs or CHDOs to undertake community development and affordable housing projects and programs. The grantees concentrate on neighborhood based nonprofit CDCs and CHDOs that have as part of their mission the holistic improvement of the neighborhood for the benefit of low income families. Private sources must provide a match three times the amount of any assistance provided under this section.

Loan Guarantee Recovery Fund for Church Arson and Other Acts of Terrorism

Guaranteed loan funds may be used for activities necessary to address damage caused by acts of arson or terrorism.For the cost of loan guarantees under Section 4, the Secretary was authorized to use up to $5 million of the amounts made available for Fiscal Year 1996 for the credit subsidy provided under the General Insurance Fund and the Special Risk Insurance Fund. Funds are available to subsidize total loan principal, any part of which is to be guaranteed, not to exceed $10 million.

Counseling for Homebuyers, Homeowners, and Tenants (Section 106)

HUD is authorized to counsel current and prospective homebuyers, homeowners, and tenants. HUD provides the serviceState of Housing in Louisiana through approximately 1,700 HUD-approved counseling agencies. These agencies are public and private nonprofit organizations with housing counseling skills and knowledge of HUD, VA, and conventional housing programs. HUD awards housing counseling grants on a competitive basis to its approved agencies when Congress appropriates funds for this purpose. The funding helps the approved agencies partially meet their operating expenses.Counseling consists of information on the purchase and rental of housing, money management, budgeting, credit counseling, prevention of mortgage default and rent delinquencies that lead to foreclosure or eviction, home maintenance, fair housing laws, and requirements and guidance regarding the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage application. The objective of the counseling is to help homebuyers, homeowners, and tenants to improve their housing conditions and to meet their responsibilities.

Good Neighbor Next Door

The Good Neighbor Next Door program promotes these goals by encouraging persons whose daily professional responsibilities represent a nexus to the needs of the community to purchase and live in homes in these communities. This program makes homes in revitalization areas available to law enforcement officers, teachers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. Each year, HUD sells a limited number of properties from its inventory at a 50 percent discount from the list price to eligible persons in the above professions. To make these homes even more affordable, eligible program participants may apply for an FHA-insured mortgage with a downpayment of only $100.

Energy Efficient Mortgage Insurance

The cost of the energy improvements and estimate of the energy savings must be determined by a home energy rating, which may be financed as part of the cost-effective energy package. Energy improvements to an existing home may be installed within a limited time period after the insured loan has closed, depending on the program under which the mortgage is insured. Energy improvements to a newly constructed home must be installed prior to closing. The maximum mortgage amount for a single-family unit depends on its location and is adjusted annually.

Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

HUD may enforce these standards directly or by various states that have established state administrative agencies inState of Housing in Louisiana order to participate in the program. HUD may inspect factories and retailer lots and review records to enforce such standards. If a manufactured home does not conform to federal standards, the manufacturer must take certain actions, including possibly notifying the consumer and correcting the problem.The statute generally prohibits selling, leasing, or offering for sale or lease homes that do not meet the standards. Civil and criminal penalties may be sought for violations of the statute.

Assisted-Living Conversion Program (ALCP)

Under this program, funded facilities must provide supportive services, such as personal care, transportation, meals, housekeeping, or laundry. The facility must be licensed and regulated by the state (or, if there is no state law providing such licensing and regulation, by the municipality or other subdivision in which the facility is located).

Manufactured Home

HUD insures mortgages made by private lending institutions to help finance construction or rehabilitation of manufactured home parks consisting of five or more spaces. The park must be located in an area approved by HUD in which market conditions show a need for such housing.

Self-Help Housing Property Disposition

The property must be used for self-help housing for low-income persons. Residents of the property must make a substantial contribution of labor toward the construction, rehabilitation, or refurbishment of the property. HUD has the right to take the property back if it is not used in accordance with program requirements.

Nursing Homes and Facilities

Assisted living facilities and board and care facilities may contain no fewer than five one‑bedroom or efficiency units.State of Housing in Louisiana Nursing home, intermediate care, and board and care services may be combined in the same facility covered by an insured mortgage or may be in separate facilities. Major equipment needed to operate the facility may be included in the mortgage. Facilities for day care may be included.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

A family renting a unit at or below the payment standard pays the highest of 30 percent of monthly adjusted income, 10 percent of monthly income, the welfare rent, or the PHA's minimum rent. A family renting a unit above the payment standard pays the highest of 30 percent of monthly adjusted income, 10 percent of monthly income, the welfare rent, or the PHA's minimum rent, plus the amount of rent above the payment standard (see Sections 8(o)(2)(A) and 8(o)(2)(B)).

Homeownership Voucher Assistance

A public housing agency (PHA), at its option, may provide monthly assistance to families that have been admitted to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in accordance with HUD regulations, that meet certain criteria, and that are purchasing homes in an amount that would otherwise have been provided to that family as tenant-based voucher assistance.

Choice Neighborhoods

The Choice Neighborhoods initiative demonstration program provides competitive grants to transform neighborhoods of extreme poverty with public and HUD-assisted housing into functioning, sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods with appropriate services, public assets, transportation and access to jobs, and schools, including public schools, community schools, and charter schools.Funds may also be used for the conversion of vacant or foreclosed properties to affordable housing.Grantees must undertake comprehensive local planning with input from residents and the community. A strong emphasis is placed on local community planning for school and educational improvements, including early childhood initiatives. Grantees shall create partnerships with other local organizations including assisted housing owners, service agencies and resident organizations.

Public Housing Homeownership

The program helps low-income families purchase homes through an arrangement that benefits both the buyer and the public housing agency that sells the unit. It gives the buyer access to an affordable homeownership opportunity and to the many tangible and intangible advantages it brings, while permitting PHAs to sell individual units and developments that may, due to their location or configuration, be more suitable for homeownership than for rental housing. PHAs can retain and reuse the proceeds of the sale of public housing units to meet other low-income housing needs.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is administered by public housing agencies (PHAs) with the help of programState of Housing in Louisiana coordinating committees (PCCs). The PCC usually consists of representatives of local government, employment and job training agencies, welfare agencies, nonprofit providers, local businesses, and assisted families. Supportive services most commonly provided to FSS program participants are child care, transportation, remedial education, and job training. The major components of the FSS program are a contract of participation between the PHA and the family, an individualized training and services plan for each participating family member, and an interest bearing escrow account. Credits to a family’s escrow account are based on increased income earned by family members during the term of their contract. On completion of the FSS contract, a family may claim its escrow account, if no family member is receiving welfare assistance.


Applicants must be income eligible and must pass a criminal background check. Preference is given to 1) persons who are homeless due to natural disasters, 2) Persons who are homeless due to public action, 3) Persons with emergency needs (such as domestic violence victims, persons with medical emergencies, or homeless persons facing an immediate threat to their health and safety, and 4) Veterans and local residents.

Income Limits

FY 2013 Very Low-Income (50%) Limit (VLIL)
Income Limit Information Median Family Income 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
FY 2013 VLIL $55,800 $19,550 $22,300 $25,100 $27,900 $30,150 $32,350 $34,600 $36,850
FY 2013 Extremely Low-Income (30%) Limit (ELIL)
Income Limit Information 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
FY 2013 ELIL $11,700 $13,400 $15,050 $16,750 $18,100 $19,400 $20,750 $22,100
FY 2013 Low-Income (80%) Limit (LIL)
Income Limit Information 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
FY 2013 LIL $31,250 $35,700 $40,200 $44,650 $48,200 $51,800 $55,350 $58,900

Unemployment and Public Housing

According to the BLS current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for Louisiana rose 0.2 percentage points in March 2013 to 6.2%. The state unemployment rate was 1.4 percentage points lower than the national rate for the month. The unemployment rate in Louisiana peaked in September 2010 at 7.8% and is now 1.6 percentage points lower. From a post peak low of 5.6% in December 2012, the unemployment rate has now grown by 0.6 percentage points. Public housing waiting lists grow as unemployment rises.

Unemployment RateMarch 2013Month/MonthYear/Year
National 7.6% -0.1 -0.6
Louisiana 6.2% +0.2 -0.6
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