Program Matched : Up to $1,000 in Income Flexibility

The cost of housing in America is at an all time high; Families are forced to pay over 50% of their income to cover the rent and utility bills. This program was designed to help you cover housing and utility expenses when your income is just not enough for the month. You can avoid late fee's, overdraft fee's, account reinstatement fee's, and most importantly gives you the flexibility to take care of these problems immediately.

  • You been approved to apply for up to $1,000 Income Flexibility Funding, this money is good to use for moving expenses, security deposits, to catch-up on bills, groceries, gas, car repairs, late fee's and other family or personal needs.
  • Due to the demand for affordable housing, and section 8 vouchers landlords can now require a larger move in deposit than usual. The funds can be used to help you secure your property of choice and not risk losing it to other applicants.
  • The Program is designed to stretch your monthly income so that you can have the flexibility when you need it to help cover expenses. Completing the application today ensures the funding is readily available for you now or for use in the future.
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Low-Rent, Section 8
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Program Administrated

Low-Rent, Section 8